Monday, April 22, 2013

Winter skin care

Your skin tends to be drier in winter as there is less moisture in the air. In addition, certain types of room heaters also draw moisture from the air – and from our to save ourselves from becoming scaly & lizard like, we need to up the ante on our moisturising routines. Make sure you exfoliate face and body regularly, use a richer or less drying toner, and make sure your face cream and body lotions are richer and more moisturising than the ones that you use in the Summer. Using an organic moisturiser on damp (just out of the shower) skin will not only add moisture to your face and body, but will also prevent moisture loss over the day. Apply at night to re-hydrate whilst you sleep! If you already have very dry skin, we suggest you up the ante and use a body butter. They are heavier and are absorbed over a longer period of time. As they sit on your skin for longer, they leave a sheen on your skin which makes your skin look lovely and dewy – really pretty if you are going out for the evening! We find the Natasha James organic face moisturisers are great to maintain moisture during the winter months. They are heavy enough for the cold weather but wont leave your face greasy and shiny

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