Hi I just wanted to say thank you so much for your fantastic product. My daughter has eczema, which I’d been treating for years with a steroid cream. I found the cream to be uncomfortable for her and there seemed to be no obvious relief. I desperately wanted something natural for her, we tried your Kids Stuff Body Wash – sandalwood, palmarosa, carrot seed, Juniperberry, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Lavender. It is the best product I have ever used, within a week it lessened the redness of my daughters skin, her skin was soft (no longer a dry feeling) and the scratching had stopped. The body wash also smells great and a little goes a long way. Thank you so much for a fantastic product, I will definitely be purchasing more.

R Hunt, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Hi, thanks for a great product. I have lived with eczema all my life, and tried all types of steroid creams – all were sticky, thick and smelly, it was horrible. I was given a bottle of kids body wash (designed for eczema) for my daughter, who also suffered. After noticing a positive difference with her skin, i began using it too. With two weeks the eczema that had been bugging me all my life had gone. Thank you for a great product, ill be buying it from now on.

G Pavett, Kincumber, NSW, Australia


I first purchased Natasha James shampoo for my partner who has a very oily scalp and dandruff. His hair also felt very course. He was used to using antidandruff shampoo that smelt very strongly of chemicals and left hair and scalp feeling very dry.
After using the Natasha James shampoo his dandruff is much less if present at all and his hair feels soft and looks shiny. Also, his scalp is less oily. He’s now been using it every day for at least 12 months.

My hair is foiled and coloured on a regular basis so I thought I would try some myself. I had a shampoo and conditioner for bleached and coloured hair made for myself. I absolutely love how soft and shiny my hair feels, it is stronger and the colour lasts longer without fading or going brassy.

Re-ordering is easy and delivered when promised.

As a family we are very happy with the products and will continue to use them.

T. Virgona

Avoca Beach, NSW

I wanted to let everyone know how wonderful it is to use your products! I have been using the shampoo and conditioner for about 6 months and I can’t believe the difference in my hair. It’s thick and shiny and I haven’t needed to use the hair straightener – there is no frizz or hair breakage only new growth, it’s amazing! Added to that the essential oils which Erin has chosen help with my menopausal symptoms! My husband uses a shampoo to treat dandruff and his hair also looks and feels soft and shiny.

I also use the face cream and honestly my skin has never felt better, not oily or dry. And again has the essential oils to aid my symptoms.

Thank you Erin

Denise - Central Coast NSW Australia

I found out about Natasha James through my mother, who has been a client for many years for massage or reflexology.

The reason I contacted was for my 11 year old son. At the start of this year he began having issues with acne on his face, this worried me because his father had some issues with acne as a child and I didn’t want my son to go through the same problems. I initially went to the supermarket and bought good old Clearasil and he was using that for a couple of months, this did help somewhat but it only stopped the pimples getting any worse, it didn’t actually clear them up. I was also concerned with any prolonged effects of using Clearasil as it has chemicals in it.

So, I contacted Natasha James and we haven’t looked back. My son has been using a cleanser, toner and moisturiser every day and the improvements in his skin is amazing. I guess the fact that an 11 year old boy is willing to continue this routine every day is testimony to the positive results he is getting. He is now also using a shampoo from Natasha James which has reduced the oils in his hair and increased the shine.

The other bonus is that I find it less expensive than buying acne products from the supermarket/chemist. It’s amazing that not only is it completely natural, but it is cheaper – so why wouldn’t you try it ????

100% recommended by this happy client – I will come back time & time again – thanks......................

Donna, Erina, Central Coast