Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Our New Organic Aloe Vera Cream Bases

We have been trialing some new organic creams that we use as the bases for some of our products. We want to keep all of our products up to date and fresh, whilst maintaining their standard and quality. So we are really excited to be able to say that the new bases have far exceeded our expectations!

We have seen definite improvements in the appearance and texture of our skin. And so, we will be replacing all of our existing organic cream bases with the new range.

We are finding the creams are lighter under makeup but still ultra hydrating. The reason for this is they are Aloe based creams. Aloe Vera is extremely hydrating, restorative and light. We will post a blog later this week on Aloe Vera so you will know why we love it so much for our skin.

You can expect some new additions to our range as well. We are introducing a Night Cream which is a little heavier than the Moisturising Facial Creme, and a deliciously light Facial Serum.You can expect the same great blends of essential oils, extracts and all the other natural ingredients we use to tailor your products, just with a new and improved base!

We think you will love these, and look forward to hearing your feedback once you have tried them!

Erin and Clare

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