Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Official Website On The Way!!!!

This is a very exciting time for me and my business. The process of having my website built has begun! Sales for my products continue to grow and the repeat business from all my clients is the best compliment I could receive. So thank you to all!!! About 5 or maybe 6 years ago I first had the idea for this business, made to order aromatherapy products. To utilise the power of essential oils for more than just oil burners and in massage oil. (Which are all great uses by the way :)) So I began the process then. I had to go back to college and become and aromatherapist, create a business plan. I had to source packaging which would suit my purpose. Essential oils have to be contained in a certain type of plastic which luckily is also recyclable. And I wanted all my suppliers and supplies where possible to be Australian made and owned. A lot of essential oils are imported but the company I source them from is Australian. I needed labels, and waterproof labels at that. I had to research labelling laws which was so much fun..... I needed a logo, business cards, brochures..... Hours and hours were spent on proofing labels and artwork and all my printing. Comparing quotes on packaging and courier companies. To the point my son, who at this stage of the process was about 18 months old, would see me open my laptop and launch himself at me saying "NONONONONO"! Laptop meant meant my attention was elsewhere. But it was for a greater good. My main motivation was to provide a better life for both of us and doing a job I love at the same time. I then set myself a goal of reaching out to a certain number of clients and having a certain level of repeat business to affirm to myself the business was viable and not just a great idea in theory. I love getting emails from my clients thanking me for their products and ordering more for themselves and for gifts. It really is becoming a dream come true. The ultimate goal was to have my website built, which as I mentioned is underway! So a whole new set of challenges are presenting themselves. Deciding on content is harder than you think! I look at what I've achieved to date and the satisfaction that follows and it gives me all the motivation I need to put in the long hours and hard work to follow it though. But a huge thank you to my parents who apart from lending me the capital to get this far have given me a far greater gift. And that is a ridiculous amount of support and encouragement. They are my biggest fans, so THANK YOU! xxxxx