Monday, April 22, 2013

Winter skin care

Your skin tends to be drier in winter as there is less moisture in the air. In addition, certain types of room heaters also draw moisture from the air – and from our to save ourselves from becoming scaly & lizard like, we need to up the ante on our moisturising routines. Make sure you exfoliate face and body regularly, use a richer or less drying toner, and make sure your face cream and body lotions are richer and more moisturising than the ones that you use in the Summer. Using an organic moisturiser on damp (just out of the shower) skin will not only add moisture to your face and body, but will also prevent moisture loss over the day. Apply at night to re-hydrate whilst you sleep! If you already have very dry skin, we suggest you up the ante and use a body butter. They are heavier and are absorbed over a longer period of time. As they sit on your skin for longer, they leave a sheen on your skin which makes your skin look lovely and dewy – really pretty if you are going out for the evening! We find the Natasha James organic face moisturisers are great to maintain moisture during the winter months. They are heavy enough for the cold weather but wont leave your face greasy and shiny

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Cold remedies

With Winter just around the corner, we are starting to get prepared in our own homes, and thought we would share with you what we do to try to ensure that our families stay healthy and happy through the colder months.

Our Cold's blend:
Although one of our motto's is “aromatherapy oils, not just for oil burners” we are both HUGE fans of oil burners and have them on the go ALL THE TIME in our homes. Personally, I have one in my office where I burn a special blend that Erin makes for me, that is put together specifically to enhance concentration. I have been using this for around five years now, and I LOVE it. In the living room, we burn a variety of different oils, depending on our mood, whether we are entertaining or relaxing, playing with the baby or watching tv etc, and in the bedroom, we sleep really well if we go to bed with lavender in our oil burner*. BUT, in the winter months, I swap and change between our usual room blends and our “colds” blend. I use this a couple of times a day if I feel I am starting to get a cold - to try to fight it off, and once that cold has taken hold, I use it all the time....I find it really helps my chest, with breathing and blocked up noses, and if I am really struggling, I put a 1-2 drops of this in a bowl of steaming hot water, and inhale with a towel over my head to really try to clear myself out (this helps to clear up acne breakouts too, as a side note!!).

Alternatively, you can add the Cold/Flu blend to your own carrier oil to use as a massage oil. Massage your kids feet when they are sick, leave the oil on and let it absorb to help ease their symptoms.

The colds blend we make contains oils to boost our immune systems to make it harder for the winter bugs and virus's to get in, and to make our bodies stronger to heal and reduce our symptoms when those bugs do get a hold of you. It also deodorises the room and helps with sleep.

Not all colds are the same. We each have different symptoms that present when we do get a cold, such as a chesty cough versus a dry cough. We can tailor your blend to suit your own symptoms and help to make you feel better more quickly.

Winter Chest rub:
Remember, from when you were little, the smell of Vicks when we you a cold? We love those memories......

We have created a blend to ease winter woes. It helps to help boost immune function to fight colds and flu and it eases chest congestion, makes breathing easier and helps with sleep when we are sick.

Best of all, it's all natural. Essential oils blended with a beautifully creamy, moisturising body butter. Once rubbed onto the chest or upper lip, the cream is slowly absorbed and the essential oils are continuously released as our body heat melts the body butter.

*    * remember, if you go to bed with an oil burner burning, make sure you have enough water in the reservoir to last the night or at least until the candle burns out. Ideally, use a pre-used tea light, that will not last too long, or better yet, use an electric oil burner, as these are safe to leave on all the time.

Check out our relaunch competition to win your own electric oil burner, or we can order one for you from our suppliers.... you would need to send us an email for this. 

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two weeks on....

Phew!! so, it has been two weeks since we re-launched Natasha James, and we have been really busy.

For the last few months, Erin has been researching and experimenting with face oils, and in the last few weeks she has refined her recipes so that we are almost ready to launch these. We have designed these so that whatever your skin type we will have one suitable for you. We will be giving a lot more information on face oils, what they can be used for, and how to use them when we launch them. We are really excited about this new product. We have also been looking at other additions to our product range – more later – but have made some exciting decisions about how to move forward. Make sure that you keep your eyes open and be the first to hear about these.....

We have also been reviewing and updating our website, our facebook page and our blog, and ensuring that all information is current. We are going to be updating all three sites regularly, to ensure that however you follow us, you have our most up to date information. We have posted a couple of adverts on facebook, one about the relaunch, and one about our Mothers Day gift packs, so let us know if these have reached you.

As ever, let us know your feedback. If there is something that you would like to see or hear from us, let us know, and we will add it to our list of topics to research and blog about. We want to ensure that you are getting what you want from us, so your feedback is essential!

Take care,
More soon
Erin & Clare – Natasha James.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Mothers Day Specials

We have just realised that Mother's Day is just around the corner!!
And, what better way to say "thank you" to the lovely ladies in your life than with a special offer pampering pack. We have put together two gift sets that we know will be appreciated by your loved ones.

The Body Pampering Pack $135 (RRP $160)
Organic Wattle Seed body scrub
Organic Wattle Seed body lotion
Natural bamboo and linen exfoliating mitt

The Deluxe MoisturePack $220 (RRP $260)
Organic Wattle Seed body scrub
Organic Wattle Seed body lotion
Natural bamboo and linen exfoliating mitt
Rose Facial Toner
Hydrating facial creme, formulated for mature skin*

* Note: We can tailor the facial creme to your requirements, but if not specified, we will include one with extra hydration for a more mature skin.

If these packs don't suit you, you can build your own pack, containing three or more products, especially for mothers day, by contacting us. These packs will be subject to a 20% discount.

** Baskets pictured are for display purposes only.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Relaunch Competition

As part of our relaunch, we are offering gifts to 3 lucky clients.
Each person who places an order over $100 with Natasha James before the 30th April (Mother's Day gift packs excluded) will be entered into our special prize draw and 3 lucky winners will receive a beautiful electric oil burner.

Image for illustrative purposes only. Actual item may differ from display

- You've got to be in it to win it!!

Click here to place your order

Natasha James Relaunch!!

We are very excited to be writing this, as it marks a new start for Natasha James.

Natasha James (Face, Hair and Body - naturally) has new management and is raring to go.

Erin remains on board and is delighted to introduce and welcome Clare as a new business and creative partner to Natasha James. We have been in a slight hiatus (both busy having babies), and are now in a position where we can devote ourselves afresh to the business.

We are going to be revamping our website over the coming weeks, sharing our news with you - check out our blog regularly for posts to hear our ideas and to be the first to hear about our new products, and most excitingly, we are going to be adding to our product range.

We want to take this opportunity to say "thank you" to our existing clients, and "welcome" to our new ones. We are looking for ward to working with you to make your perfect products.

Together, we will continue to make and develop your everyday skin care products, tailored specifically to your needs.
With our new found energy and vigour, we will be improving and expanding our range to further cater for every day use and also those special pampering routines, and everything in between.
We're sure that all our exciting changes will appeal to you.

As always, don't hesitate to get in touch, we'd love to hear what you'd like to see from Natasha James. Contact us or "Like" us on Facebook. We'd love to hear from you all!