Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello Spring!!!

With the warmer weather upon us it’s time to update your skincare.

I recommend lighter facial moisturisers to get ready for summer.  I'm blending lots of light citrus oils for fresh, clean, summer skin.

Get yourself stocked up on all your body products now.  Again get some bright citrus body lotions or body butter.  I always have a wattleseed body scrub all year round.  But this year I have a pink grapefruit body scrub and a sea salt body scrub.  Great to get your legs and feet ready for exposure!

Lastly for today, a very good friend of mine has an obsession with smelling like summer all year round.  She loves the coconutty smell of reef oil.  And who doesn't think of summer days when we smell this!  So for the last couple of years I've been making her tubs of coconut body butter.  The coconut is a fragrant oil and not an essential oil.  So it’s not something I would usually promote on our website as such.  But I have had many requests from people who know her I thought, why not?

Keep your eye on the webpage, I’ll be adding this as a buy now later this week.

 Happy Spring!!!!