Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby wash for nappy rash

Sorry we haven't been in touch for a while......we have been busy juggling keeping up with our orders and looking after our families whilst the cold and flu season has taken over the central coast. Fortunately, thanks to Erin's cold and flu remedies, we have beaten these more easily than in previous years!!

Anyhow, onto the real topic of todays post. Nappy Rash!

Erin's new little boy is now six months old, and my daughter was one last week.
They are both just beginning to produce teeth, and of course, with that comes the dreaded nappy rash. Both Erin and I have used Natasha James products exclusively on our babies since they were born. We make a beautiful baby bath and shower gel which is delightful (and full of soothing essential oils that protect and heal), and for after the bath time, we have a wonderful all over body lotion. I have been using this for baby massage every night since my baby was a newborn, and not only does it keep her skin beautiful, but I am convinced the oils in it help her to sleep. This wonderful cream is also fabulous for nappy rash. Just add a little of the body lotion each time you change her nappy, and those sore patches will disappear.

Happy parenting!

Erin and Clare

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