Sunday, April 3, 2011

Prepare yourself for Winter Skin

Skin is drier in winter as there is less moisture in the air. So without the humidity of the warmer months skin dries out very quickly. We are also often sitting in heated rooms that draw the moisture out of the air and our skin. So use an organic body lotion to prevent scaly dry skin. It will add moisture and prevent moisture loss over the day. Apply after a shower before to re-hydrate your skin over night. If you already have very dry skin, use a body butter. They are heavier and absorb over a longer period of time. As they sit on your skin for longer, they leave a sheen on your skin which makes your skin look lovely and shiny. I used to have worse breakouts in winter as my skin became very dry along the jaw line and neck. My organic face moisturisers are great to maintain moisture to prevent breakouts. They are heavy enough for winter but wont leave your face greasy and shiny.

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