Monday, September 13, 2010


The last few weeks of beautiful spring weather has reminded me I need to introduce you to some skin savers, just for summer. But also to think about your skin care routine and how the weather is going to affect it.

Our skin becomes drier in winter and prone to breakouts, so the products you have been using may need to be tailored coming into summer when there is more moisture in the air and our skin becomes a little oiler. Maybe think about changing your toner and moisteriser.

I have two products to add to your summer skin "first aid" kit. Both aloe vera based, which is deeply moisturising and restorative and blended with specific essential oils to reduce inflammation, burning, itching and natural cell renewal properties to quickly repair damaged skin and natural analgesic properties to reduce pain from sunburn, etc.

The "After Sun" gel is suitable for the whole family. Keep it in the fridge to enhance the cooling effect, although it's not necessary to. Ideally use it after a day in the sun, as opposed to using it as an everyday moisturiser. It will take the heat and sting from sunburned skin and reduce healing time. It comes in 250 ml family size, enough to last a whole summer.

Now, the second product is called "Itchy Bye Bye" and it's used to take the sting and itch out of insect bites, pelican itch, mozzi bites and you could also use it for sunburn. I used it for the last two summers on my son, who is now 2 1/2. As a baby he reacted terribly to mozzi bites, as a lot of babies do. One single mozzi bite would end up in a huge red welt that would itch for days. In the area we live in, unfortunately there is no escaping them in summer! So I found a blend of essential oils to reduce the itching and help heal broken skin. The other wonderful advantage of using and aloe vera gel base, is aloe vera dries on the skin, leaving a fine film which is great for retaining moisture but also for any small breaks in the skin from itching or cracking.

Summer brings a whole range of new health and beauty dilemmas. Again, here is the beauty and the versatility of essential oils. I can adjust your whole skin, body and hair care range to survive the change in weather. And tackle any new obstacles, humidity in particular and wreak havoc on fluid retention. If you have any queries on how to help manage that don't hesitate to contact me.

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